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OCTOBER 1968 – Three Men in Mexico

(Alain Philippe Coltier, Foreword by Prof. Colin Tatz)

Telling stories is not black and white but in multiple shades of grey….

As never seen on TV, a 3D hard hitting stage play based on the silent and peaceful protest which still keeps on talking (… it’s Proustian) to planet earth. During a time of turbulence, on October 16th 1968, behind closed doors, waiting for the Olympic medals ceremony to take place, the XXL Afro-Americans sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos went through their motions with Peter Norman, a ‘mug tourist’ from Down Under. Did you ever wonder what was said at the time between them ?

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October 1968
(Three Men in Mexico)

  • ISBN9780987294005
  • Pub date : June 2012
  • Size : 128 x 197mm
  • Extend : 88 pp
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October 1968
(Three Men in Mexico)/PDF

  • ISBN 9780987294012
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(*) The catalogue is going to be built around contemporary stage plays (series ‘You talkin to me?’), conversations (series ‘Something about Tasmania’) and contemporary ‘romans noirs’.